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In today’s changing-by-the-minute digital landscape, that’s more crucial than ever.At Alliance Data’s card services business, we know 40 million consumers. They carry one (or more) of our clients’ branded credit cards, either in their wallet or on their mobile device.We don’t care about fitting into a pair of size 6 jeans and instead spend our time on fun things like the reverse cow girl and multiple orgasms.

Bums According to a study by Oxford University, big butts result in healthy children because of the high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids they store – so if you thought it was the PVC dress stretched over Kim Kardashian’s booty getting you hot, think again.Finally, Netherlands-based Brand Loyalty transforms casual shoppers into loyal customers through tailor-made, stand-alone loyalty programs.These programs are designed to generate immediate changes in consumer behavior and are offered through leading grocers around the world.We understand where people like to shop, what device they like to use, the time of day they prefer to shop, what they’re shopping for, and the specific message that will interest them in a purchase.That data-driven insight enables us to build dynamic and creative loyalty marketing programs and strengthen and deepen relationships between our clients and their customers.

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