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Surely you don’t need me to elaborate on the implications here?Some items to look out for include: While these items can be suspicious, I wouldn’t say that they are definite signs of the presence of a girlfriend. There might be legitimate reasons why these items are doing there in the first place.And at the same time, you should not interpreted signs as clear evidence of a two-timing jerk. Here are some very suspicious signs that he has a girlfriend.Very often, certain behaviors are just normal even though every cell in your body tells you otherwise. Although they can appear as small acts, but they can have great implications.While there is a minority of people who sleeps in the day and does their business at night, most people get their beauty sleep at night.Unless you already have knowledge that he works night shifts and therefore lives day and night in reverse, only being contactable at night can be kind of odd.If we look at the negative possibilities why his behavior is as such, it is because he has to either wait till his girlfriend is not around, or after his wife has fallen to sleep, to give you a call.

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This is why when the guy you are dating is always happy to reply quickly to your messages or eager to answer your voice calls, BUT simply refuse to pick up video calls, you might want to give Houston a call. It could be because he is in the presence of a girlfriend, at home with his wife, kids, or friends who would tell on his adulterous tendencies to his wife. This is even when you can see the check marks on Whatsapp that he has read your text. Everyone would have some embarrassing stuff on our mobile phones.

: S Successful men who have become wealthy through sheer hard work or inheritance are usually married early.

You can’t blame their opportunistic girlfriends for closing the deal as soon as they can. And a divorce due to infidelity is going to REALLY cost them.

There are as many women out there dating other men when they have a boyfriend, as there are men dating other women when they have a girlfriend. Yet the signs men display when they are two-timing can be distinctively different from women.

The need to protect yourself emotionally and not to waste your personal time has no gender bias.

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