Cam3 live female

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Certain families have special relationships with certain other families; we call that the bond group.

And then there are the clans, which consist of about 10 families.

One study of elephants used to carry tourist in Nepal found that those that used the flyswatters had 40 percent less biting insects on them.

To attract males estrous females emit low frequency rumbles that can bring in males from miles around.Owlet 2 is in the nest feeling a bit left out, Owlet 1 is in a tree that’s almost straight towards the sun, and Mom is watching in an adjacent tree. To get your bearings, below is a view from Cam2 or the location of the escapee (owlet1) – it’s perched in a tree that’s hidden by that branch – probably 30 or 40 yards away from the nest, and may well be exactly where owlet 1 landed last night!It’s a wild ride out there in the wind this morning.Elephants have been observed helping wounded elephants by leaning against them to stop the flow of blood, pinching their wounds close with their trunk, and supporting them with shoulders and trunks.Herds have also been seen cooperating with each other to adopt an infant tormented by hyenas.

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