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The camp's location is being kept secret because aid workers and the authorities are worried about tensions between Iraqis, who lost their homes and are also living in the camp, and the new arrivals.

Many Iraqis want revenge for the harsh treatment they received under the extremists' interpretation of Sunni Islam they imposed in Mosul and the other areas they seized in 2014.'The families are being kept to one side (of the camp) for their own safety,' an Iraqi military intelligence officer said.

Western officials are worried about radicalised fighters and their relatives coming home after the collapse of Islamic State's 'caliphate'.

A trapeze artist by profession, the crime that consigned her to this grimmest of places was simply that she was a gipsy and therefore classified by Hitler’s Third Reich as a degenerate whose very existence polluted the pure Aryan gene pool.

As well, basic camp contexts commonly increase the risk of predatory behavior.

Risk increases when an activity involves changing of clothes, use of showers and changing rooms, and overnight stays; all common camp occurrences.

What elements should an effective safety system include? Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is the foundation of an effective safety system.

She was free for three days and nights, during which time all the other women in the punishment block were forced to stand at attention, without moving a muscle and without food.

On the fourth morning she dragged back, covered in blood and dog bites.

Summer camp fills an important role in American culture, but camps are not without risk.

Campers spend significant time with camp staff members and volunteers— generally with no direct parental supervision.

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