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The chances of finding intact DNA are higher when “it’s dry and super-cold, and we’re wet and warm,” says Hawks.

“But the bones are exceptionally preserved, so if there's a chance of finding ancient DNA anywhere in southern Africa, it’s here.”An alternative technique, known as electron spin resonance or ESR, requires no destruction and is great for dating teeth—which the team found plenty of.

, a new species of ancient human discovered in South Africa’s Rising Star cave.

If adjacent bones provide no clues, the surrounding landscape might.

The technique people are most likely to have heard of is carbon dating.

It hinges upon the presence of carbon-14, a radioactive isotope of carbon that accumulates in the bodies of animals throughout our lives, and gradually decays after we die.

But in southern Africa, hominid fossils are almost always found in caves like Rising Star. Instead, the bones are typically embedded within breccia—a concrete-like mixture of gravel, sand, and other junk that accumulated in the floor of the cave.

These blocks might still be surrounded by informative layers called flowstones—sheets of calcite formed when water drips down the walls and floors of a cave.

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