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The railroad once ran through here, but now it was a sleepy and decaying town with two bars and a dance hall. She leaned close to the mirror and applied her light red lipstick and admired her full, pouty, very inviting lips. Her hemline stopped eight-inches above her knees, exposing her lacy-top black hose. A tall cowboy with handsome western attire stepped up and introduced himself to Laura. That was all she could find in this small West Texas town. Her low-riding denim mini-skirt left her midriff bare. She downed her shot of tequila and ordered another one. By day, she ran a saddle and tack shop in the small ranching community of Little Prairie. She loved the land, the fresh air, and the open spaces. She had the kind of ass that is said around here to be "two hands full"! She wanted them bigger; but on her frame, big ones that might be out of proportion. Pat was a 32-year-old cowgirl who lived on a ranch west of Austin. After graduating from a prestigious New England college, she came to Austin, Texas, and migrated west. It didn't take long to bring herself to a controlled orgasm. Pat looked in the mirror and saw her slim waist, tight abdomen, and nice full derriere. Looking up at Harlon, she opened her mouth and extended her tongue as far as she could without losing the load. She fell back on the bunk and watched Harlon light another joint.

Beau just isn't getting it done for me, Laura." "Oh, I'm so sorry it's not working out." "It's not that it is not working out. Her black, low riding micro-mini flared out showing a black lacy petticoat underneath.

Pat cupped his velvety ball sack with her left hand and put her little hand around his enormous semi-erect cock. The thought that she was causing it to grow sent another sensual wave through her body. She opened her mouth as wide as she could get it and slid his foreskin back, releasing a pungent manly scent.

A small orgasm rumbled through her cunt, and her woman juices burst forth like a dam had broken.

"I go to the university," he said and launched into a long dribbled about calculus. I got to go pee," Pat said and hurried to the restroom. Then she wondered how she was going to get away from him. He was coming out of the men's room at the same time, and he was black! He was wearing so-so boots, old faded jeans, and a black western style shirt.

She handed it back, letting her hand lightly touch his black hand.

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