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So far, 2,500 young people have taken the eight-hour training, offered in chunks adaptable to smartphones, i Pads, and computers, said Kenneth Serviss, executive director of the assistance program.Quizzed beforehand, the students see scores rising 60 percent in a follow-up test to determine whether they absorbed the material.First Call helped her access inpatient and outpatient services for her family member at Mirmont Treatment Center in Media.With the blessing of top Main Line Health executives, Bruckner later formed a support group for Main Line Health employees going through similar crises.OPW - Jan 13 - Professor Paul Dolan has a special interest in happiness, and relationships. He hosted this British reality TV series on relationships which focused on couples that go through various games and tests to help them recognize if they should stay together or break up.He says that the way a couple speaks to each other is highly predictive of whether or not they will stay together.People are changing jobs more often, De Lapp said, making both the employer and the employee less willing to invest in job retention.“If you take away the fact that your job may be [at stake], you’ve lost a significant leverage point,” he said.

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The manager, who should have received training on how to detect suspicious signs, should say to the employee, Alicea advised: "Because of what I am observing right now, I am medically concerned about you.At Caron Treatment Centers, a large addiction-treatment provider based in Berks County, it is evident that opioids are a major workplace issue because the vast majority of patients are employed when they arrive, officials said.Between 20, the number of Caron patients reporting the use of opioids climbed 50 percent, and about one quarter of Caron's patients in 2016 reported using heroin, said Douglas Tieman, Caron's president and chief executive.“It affects businesses every day — productivity of the workforce as well as the well-being of the individual employees and their families." While inpatient treatment is a key part of recovery from opioid addiction, experts said, employee assistance programs, or EAPs, such as the one headed by Noles, provide a crucial front door to treatment."EAPs have always been front and center in addiction, but this has brought a whole new level to what we do," said Sharon O'Brien, director of First Call, an EAP owned by Main Line Health.

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