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The canoe measures about 15 feet long, and it weighed hundreds of pounds because it was waterlogged, said Julie Duggins, a canoe expert with the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

Canoes and log boats crafted by Native Americans, Europeans, and American settlers have been discovered at more than 200 sites across the Sunshine State, according to the department.

All you need to do is ask for permission from the owner to search the property. He began his “treasure hunting” days twenty-five years ago metal detecting parks and schoolyards.

Most wells were also located behind the homes, so it would be secretive and easy to hide valuables time and time again. Yes I’ve been called crazy for climbing into these old cesspools.

And the safest place to hide their money and possessions was in and around their home.

However, often times the person doing the hiding would not tell the family.

This practice of hiding their possessions was a constant as this country moved into the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The stock market crash of the 1920’s only bolstered the lack of confidence people had with financial institutions, and to this day, people are still hiding their money.

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