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I watched every episode, usually twice because HBO runs their series forever.

You can almost always catch any of their series on each of their channels and they give you a guaranteed marathon every three weeks. But Ball had his own stories to tell, his own mythology to create.

The concept of skinwalking, being able to turn into people after you kill your parents, would never have seen the light of day, and Tommy did get to sleep with Sam’s girlfriend Luna. Quinn first shows up when he’s putting together the fight ring for Alcede’s father to die in when he fights for the challenge of packmaster. Quinn’s mom is crazy and his sister’s taking lessons.

Bubba could have swiveled his hips at one of the too-few orgies. John Quinn is Sookie’s weretiger lover in the novels. Probably the best match for Sookie, save the last, in the last book, and I’m not saying who that is, he might have eaten his rivals on TV. Desmond Cataliades Desmond Cataliades was probably my favorite character in the book.

That’s after she survived being made into a vampire’s love-slave.

Diantha tells Sookie about Niall and all the trouble he winds up causing in all the worlds he causes them in.

That just went on and on, and though I’m sure it’s a staple of Southern Gothic, a little less bible-thumping goes a long way. They’re usually attached to someone trying to save your soul or sell you resurrection, neither of which vampires need. If needed another vampire, they probably could have bought the license to… Imagine that he was so big that the world felt his influence and knew what he ate.

Imagine probably the biggest solo rock star in modern history, so handsome they put him in movies. So sexy, they could only film him from the hip-shaking waist down. Now imagine that star, who could send his Cadillac out on tour for him, dying while taking a shit. Or maybe you do, there are some people who love that shit. Anyway, if you’re from the South, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels are definitely southern gothics, for a kick-off you hate that he died like that. The unlicensed Pelvis could have been replaced by his brother Enis or could have sat in for Sam’s brother, Tommy Mickens, star of .

Hadley was a favorite of the Queen and Cataliades had his own reasons to take an interest in the fairy blood-bag. Barry doesn’t know this and Sookie never lets it slip. Diantha had a sister, Gladiola, who was a messenger for Queen Sophie-Anne, but she died delivering Sookie a message.

She respects Desmond Cataliades, feels protective of the semi-satanic shyster, slips him some wedding catering food while he’s fleeing to fight another day. Dianthatalkssofastthat Charlaine Harrishastotypeherconsverationslikethis. Charlaine Harris took the kill-the-messenger idea very seriously in her books.

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