Multiplication facts 1-12 online dating

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I forgot a lot of the times tables in adulthood, because frankly, I don't need to recall 6*9 or 7*8 very often.

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He knew how to figure it out, and what's the big hurry that he needed to know 7x8 off the top of his head at 8,9,10 years old?DD6 (for unknown reason) really wanted to memorize times tables this year and she did. My son picked up on how to multiply very quickly when I showed him how to do it in kindergarten.She has full understanding of multiplication and division and great memory, so no problems doing it. I would be really happy if she masters her addition/subtraction facts by the end of this year. I think it was third grade when I was really grilled on math facts. He was bored with math, so I accelerated his pace a bit.But because of the extra practice..has always felt she was not good at math.My boys, I backed off..was ready to start in 3rd, the other we tried gimmicks and Times Tales and Wrap Ups winter of 4th..he is 5th grade and has them memorized and more importantly....really understands how and why it works.

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