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On it poor and orphaned boys whose fathers were seamen were trained for a life at sea.The first Indefatigable was built for the Navy at Devonport in south-west England and launched in 1848.In 1873 the Indefatigable broke her moorings and was so badly damaged that she remained in dock for eight months. The Indefatigable continued to train boys in seafaring until 1941.Then the heavy bombing of Liverpool during the Second World War made it unsafe to stay in the River Mersey.

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This clearly set the Indefatigable apart from the Akbar and the Clarence which were both reformatory ships for boys with criminal records.

They slept on board in hammocks, cleaned the ship themselves and washed and mended their own clothes.

The ships in the river were replaced by a land-based Indefatigable School in Anglesey.

He was an important person in Liverpool’s charitable world.

He had already helped set up two other school ships: the Akbar and HMS Conway. Bibby donated £5000 (the same as around £254,000 in 2001) to convert the first Indefatigable from a warship into a training ship.

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