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The merchandise in back is intended to contribute to the atmosphere of large group par- ties, carnivals, fun fairs, and gather- ings of children for any reason. COM Office ol Pu Ulcat Scrt: SO South Whitney St, Grayilak*. Home Delivery Rales: .90 pw yeaf m Lake, Cook, Keno*ha end Mc Henry Coun Wo*; oliewhwe .00 pefyetu by mill paid In w Mwce. As food and donations began to pour in, Davis and the 3-7 year old children at the LECC started to put together care packages for the vic- tims. 80bs, with graying brown hai and haial eyes, enjoys the outdoors. Her items are priced so customers can buy groups of items in quantity. With over 200 boxes donated by the Uiine Box Company, the chil- dren made care packages and cards for the victims. For them, she has the Groucho Marx eyeglasses vvith large nose and mus- tache. There are bache- lor and bachelorette party goods in their own room. "At drie'point we had to stop col- lecting clothes because we had nowhere to keep them anymore," explained Davis. over 20, who enpys sports, kteping active and making great new Wends. The LECC had so many donations accumulated that several bags had to sit outside of the ( trailer fora few days due to lack of storage space. 68, 5T, 135lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes, who entoys movies, arts and ciafts, Is seeking an honest, active SWM, 60-69. They are a necessary part of the op- eration especially vvith the expanded - offerings in back. back area of her building to create.a — spacious atmosphere for customers searching for gifts or prizes in quan- tity. Beginning on May 10, ; theife was a ' large storage trailer outside of the LECC with a professional banner, • donated by Sign Central, that read' "Help with Donations to the Okla- homa City Tornado Relief 'Effort." It also listed what type of Items to do- nate: bedding, bottled water, canned goods, toiletries, and clothing. The space allows the store to of- fer a greater variety of merchandise. Through publicity and word of mouth, the campaign for the accu- mulation of goods to be shipped to Oklahoma took off. Parent Teacher Organizations with a fun fair prize list to stock will find items available in bulk at a cost that allows mem to have prize selec- tions with variety. There are the tra- ditional human and animal designs and shapes, but also the more mod- em styles such as Monster Tire Pick- up Trucks. 23 A Lakeland Newspaper Founded 1886 (USPS 027-080) Editorfa] Oflle* 30 Soulh Whllney Si., Grayslake, IL 60030 (847)223-8161 . Enthusiastic 6-year-old Kenny Jones said that they made the boxes, "for people that lost their houses and things in tornadoes." The chil- dren also creatively sponge-painted the outsides of the boxes, literally adding their caring touch: to the packages. 135bs, with brown hai and btoe eyes, who enjoys goa\ voaaybal and keeping actwe,bhorgtorr«lape Uto SWF,3646,whoa Vsch'rien. HELLO LOVE SWM, 23/511*, wift black hair and brown eyes, who enjoys wf«tk».c«jntryrixocandri)togtotijr^s«e*«isw loving SF. wan black hai and brown eyas, b looking tor a itncere, honest SWF, 34-45, brapoubb rebbonsh Jp. "They can buy quantities from one piece to a few gross," she said. Some of the games may require lots of prizes, prizes which she just have stacked and stocked on shelves all around. During the holidays throughout the year, Linker has merchandise to cater to season party themes. Blinkers reaches out to meet the four types of fun-seek- ing customers. "It just flowed." "My last name is Linker, and I liked things that blink, and it sounds better than Joanne's Goofy Stuff Store." Today, a large, blue neon sign shines from her window into the ad- jacent park. "The children loved being ■ Involved in something that had some meaning," said Davis. with lantir tok Mesft Adi 5532 A GOOD CATCH Honaal SW dad, 39.

But a holi- day such as Independence Day also brings her flag-related displays onto . There are organi- zations, like teacher and parent groups that need prizes, games, or ' ; decorations for large events, A third group to which she caters are people who are interested in sea- sonal merchandise. However, holi- : days such as Easter, Memorial Day, ".- and Independence Day all have spe- cial needs for prizes or presents. The fourth group to which she caters is just interested in fun. The merchandise she has in the store today is very different from what she had when she opened the store 14 years ago. When the amount of goods coming In exceeded the amount of space in the semi-trailer outside of the LECC, Pleviak and Em- mons grade schools donated extra : storage spaces. with brown hat and btoe eyes, if youre i fun-toving SF. Demos, who founded the Lake County Chapter of MADD, said the legisla- tion certainly isn't going to cure all problems but is an important step to ^M ■■■; ^^m Msmmom Illinois Governor George. State Senator Adeline Geo-Karis speaks In favor of Governor- Ryan's new bill to Increase the penalties for drunken boaters.* — Photo by Derek Nosal 'It's a happy name. / Blinkers reflects needs of Antioch IN STITCHES Music group has special way of treating what ails — PLEASE SEE PAGE Bl INSIDE SECTION A SPECIAL HO Wadsworth C r^d H r L house for special needs child — PIEASE SEE PAGE C9. Al Q GET CONNECTED Look for us on the Internet at WWW. COM By KENNETH PATCHEN Staff Reporter Ioanne Linker is a woman with a mission to make the world as much fun as is her store. ' present for customers who want,to \ , feel the excitement and fun of a goofy vision of the universe. with brown hai and blue eyes, who enjoyt movies, the outooors and quiet times, b seeing a trustworthy SWF, under 26. "People need to understand what a devastating impact their actions can have." :? Geo-Karis and Moore, others speaking at the- event were Lt Gov. Lake County Coroner Barbara Richardson and Sheriff Gary Del Re were also in attendance. Blinkers Novelty and Gift Shop, Inc., 896 Main Street, is her j r" ! movies and matung new friends are interests ol thb SWPM, 30. Children who are 6 and 7 years old will meet from to a.m. ro Ser Nadinn ind golf, b toaktog br cw Tvanionshc with a SWPF.39-52LAdl S0 ARE YOU THE ONE? Children who are 8 and 9 years old will meet from to a.m. Ybu have to meet mis kind, cattog and considerate SWM.

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