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Darwin bag containing the money and clothing was taken by thieves. When on the road to Darwin did not realize that there is currently a car pass. Luckily the owner of the car better, so that would be responsible. While aware of Darwin, Darwin told car owners who have menabraknya that he came to town to find work. He sat under a tree while thinking big, he was not aware that the danger came mendekatinya. Sesampainya at the destination, the mother called her son Darwin with loud voice, "Darwin! After you have finished viewing location will be built at home eat, Darwin continue to travel back to her home. " Said the mother of Darwin while away from that place. He would like to apologize, but he was still embarrassed with his wife, the wife of Darwin looks nervous.

Darwin morning bribe-wear clothing that will be brought to the city. They want to let you know that Darwin has come to the village again.

Now, offered a second chance by an Angel from a different dimension, will he be able to forget his old world and forge a new path?

Can the Third Child avoid the mistakes of the past? Second Seat of the Elite Ten Rindou Kobayashi has always marched to the beat of her own drum.

" After the forced some time, eventually allowing the mother Darwin Darwin to go to the city. People who see the village Darwin drive luxury, immediately went to the home of the mother of Darwin.

He asks for permission to pack Jaka that he will berwirausaha. Originally established food stalls Darwin only one, but because so many customers, Darwin eventually establish a large restaurant and there are in many places. He came to see the locations that will be established using the restaurants and the luxury car with his wife.

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