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Theodore Dowd, born 29 August 1952, died 03 October 201 in San Francisco, California, USAOur Remembrance A strong man with a huge heart, if he loved you and you were sad and crying he would cry with you, he was very comforting, I could count on him for anything, He was my father, he was my heart, I love and miss him so much! Brandon Ratliff, born 27 October 1972, died 18 March 2004 in Columbus, Ohio Our Remembrance Brandon was an Executive Officer in the Army Reserves and served a year on a front line surgical unit in Afghanistan in 20.

Renate Vettleson, born 22 January 1965, died 28 September 2008 in Minnepolis, Minneota Our Remembrance She had just graduated with a Master\'s Degree in Social Work, truly wanted to good in the world, but the awful problems in her own life proved to be too big for her to bear. He was a wonderful son who brought so much into the lives of his family. He will always be remembered for his intellect, wit, and pleasant personality. When he returned home from war he found that his new promotion along with his previous position with The City of Columbus Health Department were both given to other employees.

The land of the living lost a good soul, but I am sure she will do much good in the eternal world of Heaven. Perhaps I should have put your Marine photo BUT :) I like this one better! Struggling to get his job(\\'s) back and losing the battle he also lost his will to fight any longer and committed suicide. He cared for his friends, who ranged in age from 7 to 91.

He told me he loved me, and while I was just about to tell him that I loved him the phone went dead. Now he\\'s gone....reunited with his older brother, Ralphie.Emanuel Mc Intyre, Jr., born 21 August 1989, died 17 Decvember 2014 in Fayetteville, North Carolina Our Remembrance You were beautiful in every way and will forever be in my heart. A nurses sight restored after receiving one of his corneas.Construction worker his ability to breathe restored by one of Daniels lungs.He didn't have a caller ID, it said private number, so I couldn't call him back. Mommy Tiffany Lane~ April 20, 1982 ~ December 5, 1996 ^i^ ...eternally have perfect wings... Philip Domingo, born 06 February 1977, died 07 December 2012 in San Diego, California Our Remembrance Remembering always my precious son, Philip who left us way too soon. My gentle giant had a great big heart and smile to match. Christina Nelson, born 21 July 1991, died 06 February 2014 in Lighthouse Point, Florida Our Remembrance My precious.And so my young 8 year old son tried to commit suicide, and my girlfriend died from a kayaking accident, and I was extremely clinically depressed and recently out of a job, I decided to return to Massachusetts. Christopher Darrel Rea, born 19 March 1978, died 31 October 2005 in Amboy, Clark County, Washington, USAOur Remembrance Chris had the biggest heart He cared so much about other people. Louis Anthony Crechiolo, Jr., born 29 October 1958, died 26 January 2013 in Hazel Park, Michigan, USAOur Remembrance Dad: while you have missed so much, I know that you'd be proud to know that Alyssa graduated college last year. Beautiful, smart, talented, warm hearted daughter left this world February 6, 2014, the worst day I could ever imagine, so full of life, had so much going for her, so young, she was so loved, mental illness is a killer, so sad, I miss my baby so much, RIP my baby girl, forever in my heart and mind...

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