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In the past, they have tried to mix the dyes together, making both red and blue probes for a particular gene, so that when both probes bind to the gene, the resulting dot would look purple.It was an imperfect solution and could still only label about 30 different types of molecules.Cai says FISH SCALYS could be used to determine molecular identities of various types of cells, including embryonic stem cells.

Wir können daher nicht sicherstellen, dass jede Funktion (Gestaltung, Bilder und zusätzliche Funktionen) dieser Internetseite im vollen Umfang zur Verfügung steht. These probes bind, or hybridize, to DNA or RNA with complementary sequences.When a hybridized sample is imaged with microscopy, the fluorophore lights up, pinpointing the target molecule's location.Additional coauthors include Timur Zhiyentayev, a former Caltech graduate student, and Mubhij Ahmad, a former research technician in the Cai lab.The work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health's Single Cell Analysis Program.

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