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Not m any spirit of vainglorious boasting, but in order that proper recognition may be given to all the elements that have built up our national greatness, and in order that the valuable traits of Pennsylvania-German character may be made available and utilized for the State and nation in both its national and international relationships. This was not done without considerable thought and debate among the members of the Executive Committee, and such a course was only decided upon because it was felt that the best in- terests 'of the Societly demanded it.

A V^^Hpv Foro-e November 2, 1916, years Z ^c^^in^r te'Ltlo^rand ca Ust.ophic events, that no one tires as yet to predict what will be the course of '-zs:z::cz:^:7:^s:-^ aee^ea it w^e TUedient to call no general meeting of the Society m 19 7 19 . Died January 9, 1780, at Friedrichsthal, on the island of St. We need to dig out of forgotten documents and records, what our people have done for the welfare of our State and nation and of the world at large, and then publish the same, 'and persistently call attention to the same. To THE Officers and Members of the Pennsylvania- German Society: As you all know, for the three years last past the Annual Meetings of the Society have been omitted.

In other cases, the suffix of a simple "n" to a personal last name will indicate being part of that family.

When doing genealogical research involving German immigrants’ documents such as birth certificates, looking beyond the written text and including the sound of the words may reveal otherwise overlooked relationships.

Four years have sped by smce i-'- g The Pennsylvania-German Society. althou'N, wife of John Brucker, born at Beth- lehem. Thomas in March, 1775, and died at New Herrnhut, St. From 1773 to 1780, missionary to the Danish West Indies. From 1785 to 1791, missionary on the islands of St. ^ But all this brings me back, so to speak, to my origmal text, that our Society still has a great work to do. Nead, of Reading, then sub- mitted the following: Annual Report of the Secretary.

We thank Thee for all tney wrought and taught and for the faithful I"^" dered Enable us all the more firmly to grasp Thy guiding hand, and may all the experiences we pass through only serve to bring us nearer and closer to Thee our divine Companion and Guide, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. It certainly must be a great satisfaction to all of us to be permitted to meet again as members of the Penns4vama German Society. DA\^D Beck, born near Savannah, Georgia, September 21, 1744. John P^sedeeick Schlegel, born at Nazareth, Pa., June 9, 1753. Let us hope that this will gradually percolate even unto New England!

We humbly pray Thee to meet us and greet us with Thy benediction. Schlegel, was born at Patchogue, Long Island, New W^ork, August 15, 1761, married May 9, 17S5, and died at Bethlehem, Pa., December 4, 1831. Samuel Steup, born at Gnadenthal, near Nazareth, Decem- ber 19. From 1789 to 1791, missionary on the island of Antigua. Pa., March 15, 1758; married at Bethlehem, April 28, 1789; died before her husband, but date not given. And this in spite of the fact that in the Year Book published by the Foreign Missions Confer- ence the Society for Propagating the Gospel is properly and correctly listed.

The meeting was called to order fn^Bethany' Reformed Church at 2-20 P-M by the pres. e thank Thee that we, in Thy good providence, are permitted to meet and greet each other once more in annual session o our Society. Anna Kbogsteup, wife of Samuel Steup, born at Bethle- hem. Thus theoretically these facts have been before the American public eight years, but no perceptible impression has been created, and I still hear the American Board spoken of as the oldest American Foreign Mission Board even by my colleagues of the Committee of Reference and Counsel, the executive of the Foreign Mission Conference of North America.

We thank Thee for the benign mstitu tions of our land and nation, the ^P'^^'^f P^°^^=^° V^,! Was married to John Frederick Reichel in May, 1791, and served in the mission on the islands of St. If we would keep up the pace that they have set for us in missions at home and abroad it will require devotion and sacrifice." Boston, Pa., Ausrust 27, 1912.

The collection consists mostly of Geburts- und Taufscheine (birth- and baptismal certificates), furthermore there are some confirmation certificates, writing exercises, house blessings, bookplates, one butcher’s certificate, an indenture, a watercolor, and some facsimiles of Pennsylvania German fraktur art.

This blog post is about the spelling of names in fraktur, particularly in Geburts- und Taufscheine.

THE TRi BUNC PUBLISHING COMPANY / TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Contents ' ^ Officers of the Society ' ^ Minutes of the Meeting at Ephrata - Report of the Secretary, Daniel W.

Burnett Buckenham, M, D, Address of the President, Rev.

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